23rd of July 2021

A hybrid event!

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"Post - Quantum algorithms, or Quantum Key Distribution? Which one solves the problem posed by quantum computers?" by Philip R. Zimmermann

Summary: Quantum computers will break all the public key algorithms deployed today. We need to find a way to preserve secure communications, and soon.

Our agenda is available here!

While we are hoping for a taste of an IRL community event, we understand that in July we will still (probably) be somewhat constrained by the (never ending) COVID pandemic.

So, we are planning for a hybrid event that can migrate to a completely online event. All presenters will be allowed to present remotely, and everything will be streamed online (via zoom).

Our call for presentations is now closed. Thanks to all of you that submitted talks!

About the event

BSidesPorto aims to be a recurrent cybersecurity event in Porto, the major city in the northern part of Portugal. This initiative was triggered by the need of such an event in a city full of computer security ninjas, gurus and the like.

BSidesPorto is an event that will provide a platform for first-time speakers, students, new and experienced professionals to present their work in a friendly and welcoming environment. We welcome all participants.

Security BSides events are hosted all over the world and are community driven conferences. This also means that the conference will be what every attendee makes of it. So the success of the event will depend on your active participation, give a talk (in English). If you feel you can help, send us a line with your ideas!

Main sponsor

AET Europe is a global leader in the area of digital security solutions.

Founded in 1998, it is specialized in creating secure solutions in identification, authentication, digital signing, consent and management of credentials.