23rd of July 2020 | Online

Call for Presentations

Being a community-based event, means that we are vendor-neutral. We will not accept the product- or vendor-related pitches (no sale pitches). Nonetheless, companies, vendors, or professionals are more than welcome to come to share their experiences, knowledge, and points-of-views. The success of the entire conference is depending on the community, which means you!

We are looking for presentations preferably about relevant and popular topics around information security or computer security. If you are working on a new tool, performing interesting research, or hunting a security bug, we want to hear about it! We are also interested in basic and more general security-related topics, so if you don't have "shiny new research" but want to teach the participants about some well-known techniques that are widely used and useful; let us know and we'll try to fit it in!

Our budget is very limited, after all this is our very first edition! We sadly cannot cover any travel, subsistence, or presentation costs. Please have this in mind. Thank you for your understanding. We would also like to ask the speakers to make sure their presentations precisely timed to the presentation length. This will help us keep the schedule.

Presentation formats


The event is accepting submissions for presentations in all topics related to computer and information security, including, but not limiting to:

  • Vulnerability research
  • Reverse engineering
  • Exploitation
  • Malware analysis
  • Application security
  • Game hacking
  • OS internals
  • Social engineering
  • Cyber-physical systems
  • Cryptography
  • CTF stories
  • A cool thing you made


Importante dates

CFP closes: 15th of June 2020

Decision notices: 30th of June 2020

Submission form

The submission form is available here. now closed!

Thank you to all that submitted presentation proposals! We will be reaching back to you in the following days.